How to Replace the battery of iPhone 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4

Apple will not charge you to replace the battery of your phone if it is under warranty. If you opt for products AppleCare to secure your phone, you can check the details of coverage handset by entering the serial number of the phone on the Apple website.

If your phone is not covered under warranty, you can visit the Apple retail store to get a replacement battery or raise a service request on the Apple website. If you don’t like the store Apple retailer near, you can either opt for the Apple authorized service provider or third shops repair party to get the replaced battery of your phone.

Technicians will perform a test on your battery to ensure that the needs of the battery phone replacement or if there are any other problems with the phone that is draining the battery. Before submitting your phone for battery replacement, it is advisable to create a backup (sync your iPhone) for phone content. Be reset Technicians your phone during battery replacement.

Charge Apple $ 79 for a replacement battery, and this charge remains the same in all models of battery iPhone. If you order online through the website of Apple, you want to pay shipping charges OF $ 6.95, plus tax. Replacing the battery does not require knowledge about rocket science, but you should do it only if you are enough attentive. Make sure that you have the backup for content on the entire phone.

Part 1. How to replace battery iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus’s

As mentioned, the battery replacement iPhone does not require knowledge about rocket science, but you should have some prior experience in replacing the battery phone. Replacing the battery mission, you will need the five-point pentalobe screwdriver, small sucker to pull the screen, a small tool to pry the plastic pick, hair dryer, some glue, and most importantly, iPhone 6 battery replacement.

The process to replace the iPhone 6 and battery iPhone 6 plus is the same even the battery is a different size. First, turn off your phone. Look near the lightning port of the phone, you will see two small screws. Remove the cover of it with the assistance of pentalobe screwdriver.

Now the most sensitive part, put the sucker near the home button of the phone, press and hold the case of the phone in your hand and gently pull the screen with the sucker. When it starts opening, insert the plastic tool to pry into the space between the screen and case phone. Raise the screen slowly, but make sure you don’t lift it more than 90 degrees in order to avoid vandalism the display cable.

Remove screws from the screen mount part, tastasin (disconnect) the screen connector, and then remove the connector of the battery through withdraw two screws that hold it. The battery is attached to phone case with adhesives (adhesives strips on the iPhone 6 plus), so blow the hair dryer on the back of the phone case. When your belief that the adhesives will soften, remove the battery slowly with the help of tool plastic pry.

Then, finally, attach the new battery in the case of glue or double-sided tape. Attach the connector of the battery, reinstall all of the screws on the back, attach the connector the screen, and close the handset by re-installing the last two screws located near the lightning port.

Part 2. How to replace 5c / iPhone 5 battery iPhone 5S / iPhone

Keep small tools plastic pick pry, little sucker, the five-point pentalobe screwdriver, and adhesive strips ready before starting the mission. Make sure that you switch from your phone before you start opening it.

First, unscrew the two screws located near the speaker. Then, put the little sucker on the screen, the home button above. Press and hold the phone case, and pull the screen with gradually the sucker. Make sure that you do not lift the screen part of the phone by more than 90 degrees.

Besides the battery, you want to see the connector. Undo the two screws and gently remove the connector with the help of small plastic pick. You want to see a plastic sleeve next to the battery. Pull this sleeve slow to get the battery out of the case. Finally, replace the battery, and attach the connector to its back. Put the screws in place, and prepare to use your iPhone again!

IPhone 4 and the model 4S have a different battery, but the replacement procedure is the same. You need the same set of tools, small plastic pick pry tool, five-point pentalobe screwdriver, and a Philips # 000 screwdriver. Remove the two screws located near the dock connector. Then, push the back panel of the phone towards the top, and it will move out.

Open the phone, undo the screw connected to the connector of the battery, and gently remove the connector of the battery. With iPhone 4 only with a screw, but the iPhone 4 S has two Screws on the connector. Use the opening tool plastic remove the battery. Remove it gently, and replace it with a new one! Fix tools such as paper clips, suction cup, Philips # 000 screwdriver, five-point pentalobe screwdriver and opening tool plastic (spudger).

The first step is to remove the SIM card and then unscrew the two screws located next to the dock connector. Use suction cups to slowly pull the screen, and then, use the opening tool plastic remove the cables that attach the display to the board. You need to lift the camera out of the housing, and slowly move it to one side. Remember, the camera does not come out; it remains attached to the board, for you to see just move it to the side.

Now, the most complicated part, battery iPhone 3GS is located on the bottom of the logic board. So, you need to open some screws and remove the small cable connected to the board with Connectors. Then, remove the logic board, and gently remove the battery with the help of the plastic tool. Finally, replace the battery and assemble your phone back!


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